Emergency Purchases

In compliance with State statute and in the interest of governmental transparency, the City of Las Vegas posts all emergency purchases. 

Gas Meter Repair Jeffrey's Plumbing 9/17/2018
Grease Trap, Sewer Line Clean Out
Roybal's Septic Service 8/30/2018
Repair Bathroom Sewer Line Northeastern Construction 8/31/2018
FMU Service Call Syn-Tech Systems Inc 8/15/2018
Items Purchased for 2018 Fiestas Multiple Local Vendors 6/28-29/2018
Porta Potty Service For 2018 Fiestas
Ruben's Septic Service 6/30/2018
Waste Water HVAC Marks Service 7/24/2018
Lighting Project with D.O.T BTU Doit Center 6/11/2018
Replace S.C.A.D.A. comm Module Yukon & Associates 6/1/2018
Repair Semi Trailer Tarp D.A.G. 5/17/2018
Cisco WAN Card Harris Technologies LLC 4/11/2018
Control Panel Yukon & Associates 4/4/2018
Airfiber Technical Assistance Genyses/Desertgate Internet 11/30/2017
Steel Plate Replacement M.R. Construction 11/29/2107
Fire Engine Repair Professional Automotive Repair 11/14/2017
Floor Repair Gemini Construction 3/31/2017