Emergency Purchases

In compliance with State statute and in the interest of governmental transparency, the City of Las Vegas posts all emergency purchases. 

Items Purchased for 2018 Fiestas Multiple Local Vendors 6/28-29/2018
Waste Water HVAC Marks Service 7/24/2018
Lighting Project with D.O.T BTU Doit Center 6/11/2018
Replace S.C.A.D.A. comm Module Yukon & Associates 6/1/2018
Repair Semi Trailer Tarp D.A.G. 5/17/2018
Cisco WAN Card Harris &Associates 4/11/2018
Control Panel Yukon & Associates 4/4/2018
Airfiber Technical Assistance Desertgate Internet 11/30/2017
Steel Plate Replacement M.R. Construction 11/29/2107
Fire Engine Repair Professional Automotive Repair 11/14/2017
Floor Repair Gemini Construction 3/31/2017