This center is a family friendly facility providing a wide range of physical activities for all ages. Through spirited service and a can-do attitude, the Abe Montoya Recreation Center provides a quality and diverse fitness center for all residents of Las Vegas and surrounding communities.

For more information call 505-426-1739

The Fitness Center is Temporarily Closed For Reconstruction

Archuleta Fitness Center 2017 Schedule

Fitness Programs

* Exercise Equipment Orientations   * Aerobic Exercise Equipment   * Strength Training & Weight Equipment 
* Nutrition Consultation   
* Body composition Testing   * Develop new fitness/lifestyle & develop new exercise program



* Music type and volume preferences are a unique choice for every individual.  What someone finds appealing, another might dislike.  For this reason, the Wellness Center encourages you to bring your own music device and headphones if you enjoy working out to music.  A varied collection of music is provided through speakers in the weight training equipment room.

**The Abe Montoya Recreation Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


*** Locks are available for rental for $1 a day available at front desk.