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PSA June 22, 2022 Solid Waste commercial routes are delayed and will be caught up by the weeks end.

The City of Las Vegas Solid Waste Division commercial routes are delayed ad will be caught up by the end of the week.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. should you require any further information, please contact the Solid Waste Division at (505) 426-0350.

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Miembro desconocido
23 jun 2022

Recycling refers to an eco-friendly waste management system that protects the environment and secures the wellbeing of the community. Materials such as plastics, paper, glass, and aluminum can be recycled and reused over and over again. The recycling process begins with the sorting of household and commercial waste into various categories. Next, all of these materials are sent to the recycling unit to be processed into new materials.

Recycling is crucial to lessen the carbon footprint and contribute towards a healthy environment and sustainability. As recycled products are used in the production of new products, the need for raw materials is eliminated. Furthermore, recycling helps to reduce energy consumption by approximately 20% and sustain an equilibrium. Here, the production of…

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