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A well-known small castle on top of a cliff in the village of Gaspra, near Yalta, was built in 1911 by architect A. Sherwood by order of Baron F. Shteingel. The famous oil industrialist wanted to give his dacha the image of a knight's castle and even gave the name "Generalife", which means "castle of love". However, this name did not catch on. The architect built a cottage-castle in the Gothic style, adding to the decoration of the facade arcature friezes, decorative turrets, crenellated completion of the walls.

The size of the building is not large at all: the width is 10 meters, the length is 20 meters, and the height is 12 meters. Of course, its location makes the building so majestic, because the height of the rock on which it is located is more than 40 meters. Inside the house there is an entrance hall, a living room with large windows, a staircase leading to the tower, and two bedrooms.

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