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PSA August 23, 2022 Bottled Water Samples Tested

Please be advised, after multiple concerns pertaining to the bottled water that was distributed on August 17, 2022, the City of Las Vegas decided to submit samples of the three (3) different brands of water for testing(Freedom's Choice, Acadia,and Right Water).We have since received the results and we are pleased to announce that all three (3) samples that were submitted have come back as absent for TC ( Total Coliforms) and absent for EC (Ecoli).The tests that were conducted are SM 92238 tests which is an Enzyme Substrate Test.

The City of Las Vegas along with FEMA has decided to distribute boxed water this next distribution which has a shelf life of ten (10) years. This will eliminate any concerns individuals may have concerning the bottled water.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this concern may have caused. Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the City of Las Vegas Utility Office or the City of Las Vegas City Manager's Office at (505) 454-1401.

PSA-Water Bottle Samples Tested
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