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PSA June 7, 2023 Rough Rider Bike Rally Permit Denied.

The City of Las Vegas is informing the public due to the safety concerns the upcoming Rough Rider Bike Rally is not approved. This event was scheduled to take place at the end of July. The permit has been denied.

The main focus for every City event is to ensure our local community and visitors are safe when they attend our events. After consulting with all of our surrounding agencies along with federal agencies we have determined there will be major challenges that will pose a threat to public safety. Given the level of violence and resulting deaths that occurred on May 27 in Red River, NM, Biker Gang experts have advised that retaliation may occur following the shooting incident at the Bike Rally in Red River.

Our public safety officials have considered various factors: number of attendance, number of resources and the high probability of violence associated with this event. These factors pose a significant threat to public safety in our community. We have also learned other municipalities in New Mexico have cancelled similar events due to public safety concerns.

With the support of all our surrounding agencies we feel the decision to cancel the bike rally is necessary to protect our community and everyone involved from danger. We understand and are sympathetic to those who have planned to attend and participate in this event may be disappointed. With this in mind please know our responsibility is to mitigate threats of violence to our community and ensure public safety.

Our public safety officials have concluded this event will pose a significant risk to public safety at this time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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