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Events & Films

City Ordinance 450-30 Temporary Uses requires that all events of Public Interest be properly permitted.  

Merely picking up a permit and placing it on the event calendar is NOT a guarantee that the event will be scheduled and approved.  Call-Ins will not be scheduled. 

The Special Event Application must be picked up in person. 
Applicant must allow at least two weeks for processing the permit.

For larger or multiple day events, the permit processing process should begin months in advance, to allow for proper planning of services, etc.

A Special Event application can be obtained at The City of Las Vegas Community Development Department, 1700 N Grand Ave, Las Vegas, NM  87701.

For more information contact:

Charles Griego
505-454-1401 Ext. 1604
Events Planner/Film Liaison
500 Railroad Ave
Las Vegas, NM  87701

Las Vegas Film Industry


Film is nothing new to Las Vegas. Our rural community has been the host to a number of productions starting with early silent westerns (1913-1915) starring the actor/writer/director, Tom Mix, as well as Easy Rider (1969), Red Dawn (1984), Speechless (1994), All the Pretty Horses (2000), Astronaut Farmer (2006), Academy Award-winning No Country for Old Men (2007), multi-Emmy-award-nominated film Georgia O’Keeffe (2009), Due Date (2010), and A&E’s Longmire (2011-13), among many others. This is no coincidence; Las Vegas is a filmmakers dream with mountains, lakes, the Gallinas River, barren plains, a castle, Spanish adobe and Victorian architecture, a broad-leaf-tree Midwestern look, the perfect bridge for a “Mexican border crossing,” a historic railroad, and over 900 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

 If you are interested in filming in our community, please contact Charles Griego at 505-454-1401.

For information on film tourism in our community, please visit or

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