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PSA March 10, 2022 Plaza Park will be closed on the north side starting March 14, 2022.

Starting March 14, 2022 Hay's construction concrete crew will commence the demolition and re-installation of the new raised concrete crosswalks on the North side of the Plaza Park.

This reschedule is due to weather conditions, the raised concrete crosswalk not passing inspection, and being rejected by the City of Las Vegas.

Plaza Park will be closed on the North side starting March 14, 2022 for approximately 7 days and is anticipated to re-open March 21, 2022.

Hot Springs, Bridge Street, South Pacific, and North Gonzales will remain open.

We thank you for Your Cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you require any further information please contact the City of Las Vegas Utilities at (505) 454-3832. Thank you.

PSA Plaza 31022
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