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PSA May 6, 2022 Advance from Stage III Water Restrictions to Stage IV

Due to the current emergency fire situation, effective immediately, the City is advancing to water conservation Stage IV which includes the following:

  • There will be no outdoor watering allowed.

  • No refilling or adding of water to swimming pools with the exception of, any municipal, Highlands University owned, or covered swimming pools (enclosed Pools).

  • All restaurants are prohibited from serving water to their customers except when specifically requested by the customer.

  • Ornamental Fountains can operate with re-circulated water only.

  • Use of water from fire hydrants shall be limited to fire fighting and related activities necessary to maintain the healthy, safe, and welfare of the citizens served by the municipal water system. Metered use of hydrants may be allowed at the Utility Director's discretion.

Should you require any further information please contact the City of Las Vegas Utilities at (505) 454-3832.

PSA waster restrition 5622
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