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PSA September 21, 2022 City downgrades to Stage 6 Water restrictions

Due to current water availability, conservation by the community and the pretreatment system, the City is moving from Stage 7 to Stage 6 in the Drought Contingency and Emergency Response plan. Residents will no longer be limited to 44 gallons of water per person per day. However, please continue to be mindful of water usage.

• There will be no outdoor watering allowed.

• No refilling or adding of water to swimming pools with the exception of any municipal or Highlands University owned or covered swimming pool (enclosed swimming pools).

• All restaurants are prohibited from serving water to their customers except when specifically requested by the customer.

• Ornamental Fountains can operate with re-circulated water only.

• Use of water from fire hydrants shall be limited to fire fighting and related activities or other activities necessary to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens served by the municipal water system. Metered use of hydrants may be allowed at the Utility Director's discretion.

• No activation of new water taps for the duration of the emergency. Prohibit issuance of certificates of occupancy for new construction for duration of emergency.

• The Fire Department shall make an effort to use foam or other types of additives in combination with water to minimize the amount of water needed for fire operations whenever practical. The use of effluent may be considered when there is no eminent threat to life or property. The Fire Chief may determine based on conditions to include the general safety of the public, first responders and the availability of water,when and if to limit its operations to external protective suppression.

• Consider additional premium above a set limit of water consumption.

• The termination of service for any violation of the water conservation plan after the third offense.

• Large commercial customers are asked to delay projects consuming large quantities of water where possible.

• The City Manager will have the authority to implement additional conservation measures on commercial and industrial customers including, but not limited to, percentage reductions of consumption, requiring that high water consumption equipment be shut down, etc.

Should you require any further information please contact the City of Las Vegas Utilities at (505)454-3832. Thank you.

PSA Stage 6 update 92122
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