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PSA 7/9/24 Water Reserves Update

July 9, 2024

Water Reserves Update

Over the past few days, water reserve numbers have started to plateau with minimal accumulation which is largely dependent on the usage within the community from day to day. On a positive note, we are starting to see the benefits of current water conservation measures with daily consumption and this is because of the community working together, along with additional water resources being utilized.

We cannot thank you enough but we must continue with water conservation measures. We are expected to have increased weather activity in the coming days which may hinder the production of water being treated daily. We currently are able to treat on average 1 million gallons per day.

Additionally, on Friday July 5, a pre-water treatment plant made its final destination to Las Vegas, New Mexico, imported from Canada. We are hopeful the plant will provide a more stable temporary solution for water production and water reserves as we continue to move forward with long-term water solutions. We will provide updates with the pre-water treatment plant as they become available. We thank the community for working together through this crisis.

We thank the community for working together through this crisis. Please continue to follow the City of Las Vegas website at and the Las Vegas City Government Facebook Page for updates.

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PSA 07092024 Water Update
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